Ehime Prefecture, Japan

My First Birthday in Japan

Being in a new place, I never thought I would be surprised as I was.
It’s been just two-months since I came, don’t have many acquaintances yet, so I expected a quite lonely birthday.

It’s Friday, a day before my birthday, last working day of the week. While I had a discussion to one of our colleagues, the music in the office suddenly changed to a birthday song. The colleague was asking whose birthday as we gather together around the table where the cinnamon cake was served and sang along.
I was wondering if it’s for me or if someone else has his birthday because mine would still be tomorrow. At the end of the birthday song, confirmed. It’s for me. 🙂

We ate down the cake, and handed me a gift like a lego. I thought, maybe they gave me a game thing because I said I used to love playing board games.

At night when I arrived home, I received a notebook, a flashlight plus a battery from my housemate.
I would have bought them both myself had I not been given ahead.

On the next day, came my birthday. I was on my bike, chasing to get a good view of a fabulous sunset on my way home.
Then, someone rang the door bell of the apartment. It’s a delivery man! Bringing a package and looking for me.
I was so surprised…I had not expected any delivery nor had I received any since I came.
It’s exquisitely wrapped that I was so careful not to mess it.
I’m gonna keep it for a souvenir. 🙂

On the next week, I received another set of gifts.
Japanese hairpins, earrings, an elegant cellphone accessory which I love so much that even the shop attendant complimented it’s beautiful and a touching birthday letter.

Then, another Saturday came, another belated gifts received, a mug, a hair ribbon and a hanky.

I’ve got lots of gifts this birthday…not a lonely birthday after all… 🙂


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