2011, Manila, Philippines

Applying for Schengen Visa at Makati

April 25, 2011. I flied to Makati with my 3 office mates to apply for Schengen visa.

Mama, tito and my siblings fetched us at the airport, showed the map to tito where Tiara Hotel was and drove us there to check-in.

Mama wanted me to stay at Bacoor for a week. I would have loved too if only there were no work constraints. After checked in, they brought us to GreenBelt, as requested, and left us strolling the mall, hoping to meet actors and actresses…

Well, luckily, Shalani was there…😛

Later on, we looked around for a restaurant that accepted e-Diners card, have some dinner before hailing a taxi and return to the hotel. There, we started preparing our explanations for the visa interview.

The next morning, after eating and formally dressed up, we’re off for a walk to the embassy. I was the first interviewed, causing to be thrown with most questions. ‘:( .

The consul first asked for my purpose of travel, followed with more or less 10 questions regarding the travel and the company. Oh..she was strict and terrifying. I could not finish my explanations. She always interrupted me with the next question…it seems, when she got my point.

You have to convince her that you will be returning back to the country on time. When I told her I have teammates who had gone to Germany as well for the same purpose and had already returned home, she asked for a name and traced it in her monitor. After that, she quit asking and instructed me to wait the visa/result after 14 days. Alas! Relieved!😀

My teammates followed. They we’re just asked for their purpose- which was same as mine. Done! Wait for 14 days. Gosh! How lucky of them.

On the afternoon, we’re off for home.


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