2011, Augsburg, Fussen, Germany, Munich

Munich, Fussen and Augsburg Germany in 2 Months

This was my first trip outside the country. Lucky enough that I was one among the 5 engineers invited by our manager in Augsburg to come for a two-month training.

The Flight

Aboard Qatar Airways on May 14, 2011, we departed Cebu for an overall 21-hour flight to Augsburg. A terribly tiring flight, ten hours from Cebu to Doha, 3 hours for stopover, 6 hours from Doha to Munich, and 2 hours from Munich to Augsburg. How exhausting! Nevertheless, I was still too excited:)

When we landed at Doha, it was dawn and dark, but super warm! Inside the airport was better, and it was unarguably vast and impressive! Mostly glassy. We spent most of our time at DutyFree while waiting for boarding .

At long last, Germany  touchdown!😀  As I stepped out of the airport to ride on our shuttle, there, I had my first experience of the chill abroad…hihi…May 15, 2011. My first time…

We we’re on our way to our house in Augsburg. The shuttle’s speed was scarily fast, like my soul would be left behind! Most speed signs were over hundreds of kph. Amazing!

The plenty wide greens and unfamiliar, attractive trees were wonderful that kept us saying “Wow!!!”. The driver introduced us a wide forest-like place where, according to him, the Holocaust took off during Hitler’s era.

Relieved, we arrived at a 3-story house. Our manager was there waiting to welcome and orient us. When he left, we arranged our things, cooked, ate and slept. That was around 2 pm.

We were too worn-down, sleeping limblessly that hours after, most of us hadn’t notice our landlady came in to welcome us.

But you know what amazed us most? At almost 9pm, the surroundings still seem like daytime with the sun still around. Take note, that’s supposedly late evening , yet there’s still sun!

The Silver Birthday

Luckily, the travel makes me celebrate my silver birthday in…let’s just say…in Europe😛. At the office, our manager surprised us with wine celebration. Different kinds of wine were served. But me, being not so fond of drinking, just tried the less alcoholic one, only 6% content and sip a glass of it. The taste was good though.

It was fun! We were talking about wines, about germans, about some places and some other stuffs that I didn’t notice my face and ears were already flushing with that glass of wine.

We had managed to go home and proceeded to our plan to cook. Well, actually, the celebrant didn’t cook…hahah…She just helped the cooks! The guys were exceptional in cooking than girls…so they voluntered, showcased their talents on recipes!

And when I woke up in the morning..oh gosh!..allergies ran all over me!

The Tours

Once work was off and weather was bearable, we would go for a tour. If weekends, we would travel farther, somewhere that had to be traveled by train, just within the country, but to a different city or town, like Munich or Fussen. But if weekdays, after work, we just roam around Augsburg, thru tram. Sometimes, a ride all you can from end to end of tram stations.


BMW Museum

It is an automobile museum located in Olympia Park. The museum shows BMW’s technical development throughout the company’s history.

Olympia Park

This was constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics which continues to serve as a venue for cultural and social events.

Nymphenburg Palace Schloss

Built as main summer residence for Bavarian kings.

Munich Airport

Crowned as 3rd world’s best airport at the Skytrax 2016 World Airport Awards


Neuschwanstein Castle

This is one of the most visited castles in Germany and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It served as an inspiration to Sleeping Beauty castle.

Hohenschwangau Castle

This was the childhood residence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and is one of the summer residences for the Bavarian royal family. It is located very close to the border with Austria.



City Galerie

Bismarck Tower

A monument built to honour the first chancellor Otto von Bismarck.


The simple house is the birthplace of Leopold Mozart.

Botanical Garden

This opens daily and admission fee is charged.

Augsburger DOM

A Roman Catholic church which is one of the city’s main attractions.


The district in Augsburg where I lived in.



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