2013, 2014, Ehime Prefecture, Japan, Osaka

Living in Ehime Prefecture, Japan

March 29, 2013-Aug 2014.

Thru Cebu Pacific Air, I came to Ehime from Cebu to work as Programmer in Matsuyama City, the largest city in Ehime Prefecture. Kansai International Airport was always my stopover prior Matsuyama. And you can travel from Kansai to Matsuyama either by car, bus or plane. I am not sure with trains though.



Matsuyama is a biking friendly city. Biking is one of the better ways to get around the city. I acquired a second-hand Panasonic bike which I rode on going to the office, stores or malls. On weekends, I sometimes go to the city proper biking. Riding while carrying an umbrella or wearing suits and heels is common. Bicycles must be registered in the owner’s name and bells are rung only on emergencies.

Hanami at Matsuyama Castle

This three storied castle tower, Matsuyama Castle or Matsuyamajō is one of Japan’s twelve “original castles”, i.e. castles which have survived the post-feudal era since 1868 intact. It is located on Mount Katsuyama, a steep hill in the city center that provides visitors with a bird’s eye view of Matsuyama and the Seto Inland Sea.

Ride the Matsuyama Castle Ropeway / Lift

Riding the lift is a way to ascend to the castle.

Shopping at Gintengai and Okaido Street

“Okaido” means big street. Gintengai and Okaido are the two shopping arcades in the centre. These are lively places with a good balance of shops, old and new, with cafes, restaurants and bars.

Matsuyama Catholic Church

Located in Sanbancho, Matsuyamashi, the patron saint is Sacred Heart of Jesus. Most of the attendees especially on English mass are Filipinos. The first time I came in here was during Easter. There was a gathering and there were meals brought and shared by the local parishioners. There was also an Easter egg for 500 yen each.


Matsuyama Airport

It opened as an Imperial Japanese Navy airfield in 1941.


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